Who we are

Curiate, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is a trailblazer in software solutions transforming Fashion and Apparel E-commerce with AI and ML. Our mission is to streamline the customer journey for seamless discovery, guided by a commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

Our services embody a revolution in product discovery, prioritizing accountability and cutting-edge innovation to empower our clients and elevate their customers' experiences.


The numbers don't lie. According to FastCompany.com, around 30% of online purchases are subsequently returned, much of which goes to a landfill. In 2022, an estimated 9.5 million tons of apparel waste were disposed of this way in the U.S. alone, filling approximately 2,950 football fields.

Without thoughtful and innovative solutions like Curiate, this number will keep growing. We believe sustainability is the responsibility of each corporation in the fashion and apparel industry. We are here to drive that change forward.


We're dedicated to understanding your brand's challenges and delivering tailored solutions that prioritize customer privacy and brand integrity. Through open conversations and attentive listening, we ensure the best possible experience, empowering brands to offer personalized shopping experiences while adhering to best practices for customer privacy and brand integrity.


We believe in the power that technology has to make the lives of our stakeholders better and easier. We believe that online shopping should be a stress and hassle free experience that leaves the shopper satisfied and delighted.


We believe that diversity is a super-power and we will continue to nurture and support diverse talent and leaders of the future.